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The art curriculum at Albright is a component of a broadly based and well-vetted liberal arts program. The department’s true emphasis is on the numerous Albright students who study aspects of art as part of their broader, liberal arts experience as well as those wanting to pursue careers in art education, digital art and arts administration. This deeply held student interest in art is why we are enthusiastic about growing the College’s art program.

Over the next several years, the Art Department will expand its offerings to nurture fine art study as part of a rich and deep educational experience.  The bridge to the liberal arts allows us to teach more than just art technique; we also put the visual arts into a life context and provide you with a broader perspective that will greatly benefit you after graduation.

Finally, there is a strong nexus between the visual arts and digital media at Albright. Our Digital Studio Art major provides you with the best of both worlds – studio experience in a wide range of media as well as state-of-the-art technology to explore and use for visual expression and communication.