Welcome to the Albright College
Computer Science Department!

Computer science is a field that has evolved rapidly during the last 50 years, developing the principles and theoretical underpinnings of a mature science. With a heritage dating back to the 17th century mathematicians and philosophers Pascal and Leibnitz, computer science has roots in such disciplines as mathematics, logic and linguistics.

The computer science curriculum is modeled on recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery. The concentration prepares students for apprentice level positions in system software design, development, implementation and maintenance, as well as for graduate study. The intention is to educate students in principles with a long, useful life rather than to provide vocational training that may be obsolete in less than a decade.

Albright's academic computing facilities include Sun ULTRA 10 and ULTRA 5 workstations and servers for student use. These computers may be accessed through the Computer Science lab located in the Center for Computing and Mathematics. Additional access is provided via internet connections for students living in the dorms and off-campus. Many language processors, such as C, C++ and JAVA, are available on the system for student use.

In addition to the main ULTRA 10 server facilities, many microcomputers are licensed with C, C++ and JAVA software. These units are available not only from the Center for Computing and Mathematics, but also from other labs located throughout the campus. More than 150 microcomputers are in use on campus, supporting student word processing, statistics, data base management, instrumentation monitoring and many other diverse functions.