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According to survey after survey of America’s corporate sector, executives and hiring managers are looking for college graduates who adapt well to change, communicate effectively, think critically and analytically, and interact constructively with others.

In other words, they’re looking for just the kind of graduates produced by Albright’s Department of Business, Accounting & Economics.

The College’s firm grounding in the liberal arts, its emphasis on an interdisciplinary curriculum, and its numerous opportunities for experiential learning will instill in you the skills sought by business leaders. Nearly half of the Department’s students graduate with a combined major – terrific preparations for a professional world in which academic disciplines often intersect.

Business, Accounting & Economics Mission Statement

In support of the College mission, the Business, Accounting & Economics Department prepares students for both employment and graduate study through the integration of theory and practice. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the Department’s goal is to blend the students’ liberal arts education with their professional business studies to provide a holistic education that prepares students to compete effectively and meet the challenges in the global economy.  The Department is strongly committed to preparing its students to assume dynamic leadership roles in their professions and communities. To achieve this goal, we engage students in a small group, inquiry-based, experiential learning environment. Our curriculum is designed to provide a stimulating atmosphere; students are encouraged to go beyond classroom lectures and passive acquisition of information. We encourage our students to be active learners; we continue to engage them in projects that emphasize critical reasoning, analytical thinking, independent research and communication of their findings. We strive to cultivate and develop students who value and practice ethical behavior, social responsibility, intellectual curiosity, and a commitment to continuing personal growth.

Business, Accounting & Economics Vision Statement

Fully supporting Albright College’s vision and mission, the Department of Business, Accounting, & Economics contributes to the development of local communities as well as the business world in general through our academic excellence that nurtures life-long education. Integrating innovative curricula in a supportive learning environment, we prepare our students to be not only successful problem solvers, effective communicators, cooperative team members, but also ethical leaders who will make a difference in the world and people’s lives.