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As a student in the Department of Business, Accounting & Economics, you’ll have the chance to gain invaluable experience by rolling up your sleeves and working side by side with instructors. Through the Albright Creative and Research Experience (ACRE) program, you engage in College-funded research projects alongside faculty members. Projects can be completed either during the summer (10 weeks) or the Interim (three weeks in January) terms.

Noteworthy Projects

photoAustin Marich, “Investigating the Public-Private Wage Differential in Post-Great Recession United States,” with Lisa Wilder

Austin, an Economics and International Relations major, researched the differences in wages between those working for the federal government and those in private industry after the great recession. His three-week ACRE study of 56,000 workers in the United States found the reasons differential was largest for federal compared to state and local employees and much of that could be attributed to the older and longer job tenure of federal workers. Austin has graduated and is in the process of applying to graduate school.



Adam Dayke, “A Continuation of The Effect of the SEC’s Approval of Releasing Key Information Through Social Media Outlets and Its Correlation to Revenue in the Financial Management Industry,” with Bonnie Rohde

Adam, an Accounting, Economics and Finance major, explored the use of social media by financial industry firms. Through the administration of a survey, he gathered information that could help financial firms meet consumer needs for information through social media.


Eric Mack, “An Analysis of Altruism and Income Elasticity,” with Lisa Wilder

Eric, an Economics and Political Science, investigated philanthropy, looking at giving of money and time across countries. He found that income had little to do with giving; instead, he found altruism was highest in countries with the strongest group ties. Eric presented his research at the Society for Cross-Cultural Research’s conference in Las Vegas.


Chak Hei (Bill) Chan, “The Evolution of a Brand’s Advertising Slogan,” with Jay Rajan

Bill, an Economics major, analyzed the factors that contribute to the success of brand advertising slogans— short phrases used to sell a product and increase how memorable it is. Using the case study method, he examined the evolution of several global brands that have continually incorporated the companies’ visions, values, historical evolution and cultural differences into their slogans. Read more about Bill’s ACRE.


Nick Loris, “Comparison of Wage Differentials in the Former East and West Germany,” with Lisa Wilder

Nick, an Economics and Political Science major, presented his work at an Eastern Economics Association meeting and published it in Issues in Political Economy. He is now a media-quoted economist and policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., where researches, writes and speaks about energy, and environmental and regulatory issues.


Jean Philippe Bli, “Economic Development in Sub-Saharan African Countries: A Case Study of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Mali,” with Farhad Saboori

Jean Philippe, an Economics major, had a strong desire to learn more about economic development, especially in his homeland of Africa.  In his ACRE he explored different models of economic development.


Adam Galczynski and John Harding, “Correlation of Social Media Followers and Revenue in the Chain Restaurant Franchise Industry,” with Bonnie Rohde. Presented at the Mustang International Academic Conference, Las Vegas.


Zachary Binkley, “Budget Deficits, National Debt, and Interest Rates: An Empirical Analysis,” with Farhad Saboori. Presented at Undergraduate Research at the Capitol-Pennsylvania.


Sek Wai Michel Wong, “The Influence of Income Inequality on Self-Reported Happiness in a Cross-section of Nations,” with Lisa Wilder. Presented at the Eastern Economics Association Annual Meeting.


Fred Eiswert, “The Impact of Unionization in Transition Countries: Lessons from Estonia.” Presented at the Society for the Advancement of Management’s conference and published in the conference proceedings.


Meghan Hennessey , “The Gender Wage Differential in Four Transition Countries.” Presented at the International Atlantic Economic Society meetings.