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Teacher Certification Programs at Albright College

Because Albright is a liberal arts college, we offer certification in education but not a degree in education.
If you are a student interested in earning your teacher certification at Albright College and you have questions, please contact someone in the Education Department

Candidates for secondary education, foreign language, or art certifications, must fulfill certification requirements as well as obtain a degree in a content area to be eligible for a certification in one of the content areas below.

Secondary Education Certifications (7th -12th Grade)

  • Biology - Must co-major in Secondary Education and Biology
  • Chemistry, 7-12 - Must co-major in Secondary Education and Chemistry
  • English, 7-12 - Must co-major in Secondary Education and English
  • Mathematics, 7-12 - Must co-major in Secondary Education and Mathematics
  • Physics, 7-12 - Must co-major in Secondary Education and Physics
  • Social Studies, 7-12 - Must co-major in Secondary Education and History or History/Political Science

K-12th Teacher Certifications

  • Art - Must major in Art Education
  • French - Must co-major in Secondary Education and French   
  • Spanish - Must co-major in Secondary Education and Spanish

Teacher Certification Requirements

The following are the general requirements for inclusion and retention in all Albright College teacher certification programs culminating in a professional semester that includes student teaching. Specific requirements (minimum GPA, PDE tests, and course requirements) for teacher certification are revised for each entering class. Candidates for Pennsylvania teacher certification must consult with an Education Department adviser for current information regarding specific requirements.

  1. Successful admission into an Albright Teacher Certification Program.
  2. Passing scores on Pennsylvania required basic skills tests and certification tests.
  3. A grade of C or above in all courses associated with teaching certificate. A C- in any of these courses will require the student to repeat the course.
  4. Recommendation of concentration department.
  5. Recommendation of Education Department.
  6. Formal admission to the professional semester by the Albright Teacher Education Committee in accordance with the screening and retention policies for teacher certification programs.
  7. Minimum 3.0 GPA

All certification programs require extensive field and classroom experiences. Albright requires membership in the student organization of the Pennsylvania State Education Association.