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Early Field Experience - Secondary Only

At Albright College, each secondary education student is required to complete EDU 214, "Early Field Experience" during the Interim of the junior year, and EDU 314, "Early Field Experience II," in January, during the Interim of the senior year.

"Early Field Experience" is an experiential course designed to acquaint the prospective teacher candidate with the reality of classroom teaching. Students are assigned to work with a teacher in a classroom in a local school for 150 hours of on-the-job training.

How to Apply:

In order to participate in Early Field, students must read the Early Field Introduction, complete an Early Field Application and submit it to Michael Hipple at mhipple@albright.edu. A part of the application process is applying for background clearances. The memo instructs you to navigate to the Background Check Homepage on the PDE website. Follow the directions on the memo and be sure you have all 3 background checks completed prior to going to your early field placement in January. Students must receive their background clearances prior to entering any Pennsylvania Public School. This is a state regulation and there are no exceptions. These background clearances can take a few weeks to several months to obtain so remember to apply for them early.

In addition, all Early Field Experience students must be members of Student PSEA, a division of the NEA. This membership provides you with essential liability insurance while you are in the classroom setting as part of your Albright College coursework. Be sure to join and provide proof of membership to Mr. Hipple prior to your early field placement in January.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Hipple, Director of Field Placement.