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Basic Skills Assessments

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires all teacher candidates to show competency in the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. 

Albright education students must show competency in the basic skills prior to applying for the certification program at the end of their sophomore year. 

As of March 2016, Students may show competency using different test vendors for each basic skill.

ETS’s Praxis Core Academic Skills: Reading, Writing, & Mathematics Tests


  • Pass scores:

Reading (5712):          156

Writing (5722):           162

Mathematics (5732):   150


  • Achieve a composite score of 475 for all three Praxis Core skills tests, with no scores below the following minimums: Reading 148, Math 142, and Writing 158

Pearson’s PAPA (Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment): Reading, Mathematics, & Writing Modules                                                                                              http://www.pa.nesinc.com

  • Achieve a passing score of 220 or above on each of the three modules


  • Achieve a composite score of 686 for all three modules, with no scores below the following minimums: Reading 193, Math 197, and Writing 192

SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test)*                                               Taken prior to college enrollment.

A SAT score 500 or higher on each individual section (Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics).

ACT+ Writing (American College Test Plus Writing)*                Taken prior to college enrollment.

  • Tests taken prior to September 2015 require a composite score of 23 accompanied by a combined English/Writing score of 22 or higher and a Math score of 21 or higher.
  • Tests taken after September 2015 require separate scores of Reading - 22; Mathematics - 21; and Writing - 21.

*Prior to teacher certification, the student must provide official SAT and/or ACT test scores in an envelope sealed by the test vendor.  This sealed envelope should be given to the Albright Certification Officer.