Guillaume de Syon, Ph.D. Chair.
- Shreeyash Palshikar, Ph.D.
- John Pankratz, Ph.D.
- Patricia Turning, Ph.D.
Carlos Dimas, Ph.D.
- Hilary Aquino, Ph.D.

Emeriti Faculty

Barbara Fahy, Ph.D.
J. Dale Yoder, Ph.D.




FRIENDLY AND ACCESSIBLE, the scholar-teachers in Albright’s Department of History offer challenging courses in almost every historical period and every geographical region, and bring a wide range of thematic and methodological perspectives to their work with students.  In addition, each supervises individual research by students and contributes to the interdisciplinary offerings of the College.

Patricia Turning

Dr. Patricia Turning
Associate Professor of Medieval and Early Modern History

Office Location: Master’s Hall 107

Email: pturning@albright.edu


B.A, M.A. – The University of Akron
Ph.D. – The University of California, Davis(2007)

Courses Taught

In addition to surveys of early European history, Dr. Turning also offers courses on the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, Sex and Society, Medieval Christianity, the Crusades, Medieval Prisons, and Violence and Torture in the pre-modern world.

Research Areas

Dr. Turning has a scholarly focus on crime and punishment at the end of the Middle Ages, and has published works based on jurisdictional disputes from fourteenth-century Southern France. She is currently developing a project which examines felonious women and their experiences in various medieval prisons, as a means of assessing how gender impacted the development of punitive incarceration.

Recent Publications

Municipal Officials, Their Public and the Negotiation of Justice in Medieval Languedoc: “Fear Not the Madness of the Raging Mob” (Brill, 2012).


“A Case of Mariticide in Late Medieval France,” accepted in the forthcoming peer-reviewed collection, Murder Most Foul: Medieval and Early Modern Homicide (Boydell and Brewer Press)

“‘And Thus She Will Perish:’ Gender, Jurisdiction, and the Execution of Women in Late Medieval France,” in Death in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Time: The Material and Spiritual Conditions of the Culture of Death, ed. Albrecht Classen and Connie Scarborough. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture (Berlin and New York: de Gruyter, 2016), 311-337

“Competition for the Prisoner’s Body: Wardens and Jailers in Fourteenth-Century Southern France,” in Crime and Punishment in Medieval and Early Modern Times, ed. Albrecht Classen and Connie Scarborough. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture (Berlin and New York: de Gruyter, 2012), 283-299

“Entrusted with the Key: Prison Wardens, Jailers and Guards in the Middle Ages,” ed. Jean-Marie Fritz and Silvère Menegaldo (Éditions Universitaires de Dijon: Dijon, 2012), 207-223

 “The Right to Punish: Jurisdictional Disputes between Royal and Municipal Officials in Medieval Toulouse” (French History, March, 2010), 1-19

 “Women on Trial: Piecing Together Women’s Intellectual World from Courtroom Testimony” (Medieval Feminist Forum, 46.1, Fall, 2010), 66-73

“‘With Teeth Clenched and an Angry Face:’ Vengeance, Visitors and Urban Residents in Fourteenth-Century Toulouse,” in Urban Space in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age, ed. Albrecht Classen and Marilyn Sandidge. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture, 4 (Berlin and New York: de Gruyter, 2009), 353-371