Assessment Seminiar Chile 2011(Universidad Mayor - Santiago/ Temuco)
Institutional Assessment MSCHE Standard 7 (in Spanish)
Assessment of Student Learning MSCHE Standard 14 (in Spanish)


Equine Science Society Symposium 2007

ESS Readme Directions
ESS 20590 PowerPoint
Jeopardy Template
ESS Scorecard Template
ESS Storyboard


TESOL Peru 2011
Cultural Explorations
Differentiated Instruction



TESOL Peru 2006
Catching that Elusive Butterfly: Assessing Speaking in Five Easy Steps (plenary)
Listening Interactively to US Culture with Music
EFL and the Standards for Information Literacy
Iquitos Peru
August 2006


Sociedad Nacional de Profesores de Lenguas Extranjeras en la Ensenanza Superior (Chile)
Linguistics and EFL Teacher Education: Issues and Answers (plenary)
Concepcion Chile
January 2006


Technology Projects for Teaching & Learning

RECAP 2007 Conference
Resources for the Electronic Classroom
Free Web Tools

West Chester University
May 22 - 23, 2007

RECAP 2006 Conference
Resources for the Electronic Classroom
Easy Grading and Record Keeping Using Word Forms and Templates - Presentation
Lesson Plan Template Example
Grading Checklist Example
West Chester University
May 18 - 19, 2006


Integrating Technology in EFL Programs
Seminar for EFL Teachers, Chile

Universidad de Concepcion Chile
January 2003, 2004, 2005


In Service Day Workshop
WebQuests: Integrating Technology into the Classroom
Reading School District - 13th & Union
November 8, 2005




RECAP 2005 Conference
Resources for the Electronic Classroom
Tools Online: Finding & Using Tools to Evaluate Student Products
West Chester University
May 12 - 13, 2005

Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference
Organizing Your Clutter with Excel
Hershey Lodge & Convention Center
Feb 22, 2005

ISETL Conference
International Society for Exploring Teaching & Learning
Using an Interactive Gameboard Model for Formative Assessment of Information Literacy
Empty Jeopardy Gameboard

Outline for project
Baltimore, MD
October, 13, 2004

National Education Computing Conference
Crossing Borders - Digital Cultural Exchange for Preservice Teachers
New Orleans, LA
June 20 - 23, 2004


RECAP 2004 Conference
Resources for the Electronic Classroom
Let's Play PowerPoint Jeopardy
West Chester University
May 13-14, 2004

Middle States Conference
Philadelphia , December 8 9, 2003
Gingrich Guide Poster Session Presentation


The Andes at dusk, near Santiago de Chile 2004