M. Karen Jogan, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics Temple University, Philadelphia
M.A. in Spanish Literature Temple University, Philadelphia
M.Ed. in English Education - TESOL Temple Universtiy, Philadelphia
M.S. in Instructional Technology Philadelphia Universtiy
A.B. in Spanish Ursinus College
Diploma in Spanish Culture Universtiy of Madrid


Honors and Awards
Anadora Vesper Shirk Award for Outstanding Faculty Scholarship, Albright College
Christian and Mary Lindback Award, for innovative teaching project, Albright College
Award for Excellence in Teaching, Albright College Board of Trustees
Fulbright-Hays Award, Fulbright Senior Lecturer in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Commission for Educational Interchange between the USA and Chile
Fulbright-Hays Award, Fulbright Senior Lecturer in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Commission for Educational Exchange between the USA and Peru
Certificate, Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Donald Carroll "in grateful recognition of dedicated service to foreign language education and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania"

Diplomas of Honor, Peruvian Ministry of Education

Diploma of Honor, National Association of Peruvian Journalists
Diploma of Honor, Mexican Ministry of Education




Professor of Spanish, Albright College

Professor in English as a Second Language graduate education program, Albright College Graduate Division

Senior Fulbright Lecturer in Chile, TEFL

Senior Fulbright Lecturer in Peru, TEFL


Director of Assessment & Planning, Albright College

Chair, Steering Committee, Middle States Reaccreditation

Project Director: National Endowment for the Humanities curriculum grant; Japan Foundation Curriculum grant

Peer Review

Pennsylvania Department of Education. Reviewer of foreign language and ESL graduate certificate programs in 20 Pennsylvania colleges and universities

Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Peer reviewer for institutional reaccreditation


American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and Educational Testing Service. Collaboration on national projects in test design and review. Trainer for proficency based assessment

MECESUP - Chile (Programa de mejoramiento de la calidad y la equidad de la educacion superior). Collaboration on projects to improve English curriculum in Chilean universities (assessment, technology integration). Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco Chile ; Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion Chile

Technology in EFL and foreign language instruction Workshops on technology integration in EFL programs in Chilean universities


Publications (selected)


Eliason, E., M.K. Jogan, & J. Benevento. Teaching another language: a guide to creating interactive classrooms. ABLongman (forthcoming)

Jogan, M.K., A. Heredia, & G. Aguilera. Cross-cultural e-mail: input for the advanced foreign langauge student. Foreign Language Annals, vol. 43, no. 4 July/August 2001, pp. 341-346. [This article was nominated in 2003 by FOreign Language Annals for the Mildenberger Prize of the Modern Langauge Association]

Eaton, Shirley & M.K. Jogan. A gallery of language activities: U.S. art for the EFL class. English Teaching Forum. July 1992. [reprinted in Kral, T. (ed.) Creative Classroom Activites: selected articles form the English Teaching Forum. Washington, D.C., English Language Programs Division, United States Information Agengy, 1995].



Technology Projects


Albright College
Gingrich Guide for Information Literacy

See overview of Gingrich Guide Project prepared for AAC&U conference

  • Web-based training program in information literacy, following the standards of the Association of College and Research Libraries
  • Designed in collaboration with Albright College faculty and librarians using DreamWeaver, Flash, Coursebuilder and Fireworks
  • Required of all Albright freshmen and transfer students as part of orientation
  • Designed for Viewing with Netscape



Conference Presentations (selected)
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TESOL International

Exploring US culture through song (2006)

Developing standards-based portfolios (2005)


Catching that elusive butterfly: assessing oral production in five easy steps. Plenary address (2006)

Reflective practice cycles and professional transformation. Plenary address (2004)

Portfolios: learner-centered assessment. Plenary address (1995)

SONAPLES -- Sociedad Nacional de Profesores de Lenguas Extranjeras en la Ensenanza Superior - Chile Linguistics and EFL Teacher Education: Issues and Answers. Plenary address (2006)
ANUPI -- Asociacion Nacional Universitaria de Profesores de Ingles - Mexico

How to be your own researcher (2005)

Globalization, English, and professional training (2003)

ACTFL -- American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Langauges

Afro-Latin American music, poetry, and art (2005)

Past in present: enduring pre-Columbian perspectives in contemporary Latin America (2003)

MSCHE -- Middle States Commission on Higher Education Integrating educational technology into classroom instruction (2005)
ISTE- NECC International Society for Technology in Education

Teacher candidates cross continents and cultures: exchanging perspectives on practice (2005)

Integrating proficiencies: foreign language, culture, and technology (2005)

Information literacy web-based training and assessment (2003)


Scenes from Albright College, Christmas Eve 2003