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Music Departmental Learning Goals

The Department of Music is charged to serve students who have come to Albright to major in Music as well as those who desire to augment their Liberal Arts experience within the varying academic and artistic aspects of the field of music and the music industry.  With that in mind, we offer the following departmental learning goals from which we anchor our endeavors.

ARTISTRY: Acquire and develop the theoretical, aural, technical, and performative skills necessary toward the mastery of chosen areas of applied music study (piano, voice, guitar, etc.).

HISTORY: Acquire an appreciation for the representative artists, movements, genres, and styles associated with various periods of Western Music alongside a broader context of the unique role that music has played within diverse societies and cultures throughout recorded history.

THEORY: Acquire and develop the use of theoretical terms and practices associated with the compositional language of music within the arenas of both Western and Commercial Music. 

INDUSTRY: Sharpen the critical thinking, research, and writing skills required to become an effective communicator and contributor within the contemporary commercial music industry.

BUSINESS: Acquire and develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the industry-standard business practices at work within the contemporary commercial music industry.

TECHNOLOGY: Apply a working knowledge of the terms and processes specific to the use of music technology within the contemporary commercial music industry.

We are both proud and thrilled that our Music Industry Studies programs has had such a lasting personal and professional impact on our students in such a relatively short time.  Our belief in a Liberal Arts approach to the study of the Business of Music can't be better resonated than in the continued success of our students. 

"The Music Department at Albright College was one of the most comprehensive aspects of my college life and prepared me extremely well for my career in the business of entertainment. From vocal lessons, concert choir, record label, production classes and internships, these opportunities granted me the ability to not only land a dream job working with artists and businesses right out of college, but I now run my own brand management company. Albright College, a great start."

Andre Forbes-Ezeugwu (Music Business/Theatre '10)

“When you hear the words Music Business, you quickly think of a fast-paced, exciting and entertaining lifestyle.  When I hear the words Music Business, I think of my Albright family.  They made this the most amazing experience for me through their hand-on approach to learning and welcoming family atmosphere.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.”

Alice C. Santana (Music Business/International Business ’10)

"The best part of the Albright Music Business program is the small class size and the record label (at my time was a label, now an entertainment division) that allows you to get the knowledge and hands-on experience you need for the basic level of understanding in this business. Lion Records allowed me to put the knowledge I picked up in the classroom and the experience I gained at my internship into use.  The program provides you with a background and the record label entrusts you to implement what you have learned in real life situations.  Without this, I would not have had the confidence stepping into the business on my own."

Dan Emmons (Music Business/Business Administration '13)

“At Albright, I pursued a dual concentration in music business and business administration (marketing). One month before graduation, I was unsure where my career path would take me.  At the recommendation of my music business professor, I decided to continue my education by pursuing my MBA in music management at William Paterson University during which time I completed internships with the Madison Square Garden Company (in the entertainment bookings/marketing department) and at Line Nation (in the events marketing department). Now that I am about to graduate – with a grade point average of 3.9, I might add – I can absolutely say that my Albright education prepared me for grad school better than I ever could have imagined.”

Kari Keller (Music Business/Business Administration '13)