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An integral part of the Liberal Arts approach to the study of music is the attention we pay to the relationship between process and product.  For many of our aspiring music industry students, this symbiotic relationship manifests itself as researching and writing, rehearsing and performing, or even composing and producing. A quick look below will offer you a glimpse into the wide range of creative and scholarly projects our students undertake.

ILYSSA DePONTE (Theatre '13) partnered with Professor Adlai Binger during the summer of 2011 on an Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) project entitled, In Perfect Harmony: Writing for A Cappella Voices.  For ten weeks, Binger and DePonte worked side by side to create original choral arrangements for five songs that were then premiered by the Albright Angels and Mane Men during concerts throughout the 2011-2012 season.  More information at -- http://www.albright.edu/spotlight/deponte.html and http://ilyssadeponte.wix.com/acappella#!

KAYLEIGH COGGINS (Communications '13) in May of 2013, Kayleigh successfully defended her Senior Honors Thesis -- The Grateful Dead: Pioneers of social media-like communities during Honors Week.

NICK HOMA (Music Business/Philosophy '14) a guitarist and aspiring singer/songwriter, partnered with Professor Hal Weary during the summer of 2012 on an Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) project that generated Homa's first album, Push. For ten weeks, Weary and Homa worked side by side to develop, record, edit, license, and market the full-length album that is available for sale in both physical and digital formats, distributed through retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and Spotify.  More info at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/push/id922722065

SEAN O'NEILL (Music Business/Theatre '14) graduated recently with departmental distinction in Theatre for creating and performing his senior voice recital, Night and Day.

MILTON McCAULEY (Music Industry Studies '15) received critical praise in March 2014 for his work on his first solo album, Simple Pleasures.  The album (which is available on iTunes and Spotify), boasts a unique blend of new wave R&B and Soul sounds.  Songs from the album were debuted at a release party in Philadelphia at the Hard Rock Cafe. More information available at www.miltonmusiq.com