Fouad Kalouche, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Ph.D., 2001, Binghamton University, SUNY (Philosophy)

D.E.A., 1992, Université de Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne (Histoire des Systèmes de Pensée Modernes)

Contact Information:
Phone: 610-921-7707
E-mail: fkalouche@albright.edu

Office Location:
Chapel Auditorium

Areas of Specialization

Social and Political Philosophy
History of Philosophy (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, 19th and 20th Century Continental)

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Gender and Race
Non-Western Philosophy (Eastern, Islamic, and Post-Colonial Latin American and African)
Eastern, Islamic, and Post-Colonial Latin American and African Philosophies
Philosophy of Culture
Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Courses Taught

Individual and Society
Class, Race, and Gender
World Philosophy
History of Philosophy: Ancient & Medieval
History of Philosophy: 17th & 18th Century Thought
History of Philosophy: 18th and 19th Century Thought
History of Philosophy: 20th Century Thought
Philosophy and Film
Philosophy of Self
Uncertainty and the Creation of Knowledge (co-taught)

Professional Memberships

Polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy
Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP)
Society for Social and Political Philosophy: Historical, Continental and Feminist Perspectives (SSPP)
Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (SAGP)


"Transformations of the World-System and Antisystemic Movements: 1968-2005." Co-authored with Eric Mielants (Sociology, Fairfield University); Chapter 4 in Making Waves: Worldwide Social Movements, 1750-2005, Edited by William G. Martin (Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2008), pp. 128-167.

"Edward Said Y Michel Foucault: Sobre Patrones Emergentes De Dominación Y Control" [Edward Said and Michel Foucault: On Emerging Patterns of Domination, Control, and Power Relations] (translated by the Asociación Filosófica de México). Chapter in El Saber Filosófico: Antiguo Y Moderno (Volumen I), Edited by Jorge Martínez Contreras & Aura Ponce de León (Mexico City, Mexico: Siglo Veintiuno Editores, 2007), pp. 112-123.

"'New Slavery' within the Context of the Contemporary Transformations of Capitalism." International Studies in Philosophy 39/2, 2007, 71-94

"Nietzsche and Multiplicity," in InterCulture e-journal, Issue 3, Spring 2006 (special issue on Nietzsche and Interdisciplinarity)

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