Lisa Bellantoni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Ph.D., M.A., Philosophy, Vanderbilt University
B.A., Philosophy, Allegheny College


Ethics and Social Philosophy: applied ethics (especially Bioethics); ethics and technology; theories of justice; moral progress and obligations to future persons; moral agency, autonomy, and psychology.

Contact Information:
Phone: 610-921-7709
E-mail: lbellantoni@albright.edu

Office Location:
Chapel Auditorium


Critical Thinking, Theories of Justice, Introduction to Ethics, Business &
Professional Ethics. Bioethics, Virtue Ethics (Senior Seminar), Time, Love
& Memory (Honors Seminar); Ancient & Medieval Philosophy, Truth and
Beauty, Humanity 2.0 (Honors Seminar); Contemporary Moral Problems;
21st Century Ethics (Honors Seminar); Philosophy & Popular Culture


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