Student Information

A) Recent Student Philosophical Research by concentrators and co-concentrators

  1. Albright College Research Experience award: Christopher Siers, Summer 2006, ACRE
  2. Albright College Research Experience award: Elizabeth Leo, Summer 2006, ACRE
  3. Undergraduate Conference Paper Presentation: Christopher Siers, philosophy paper presentation, Goucher College, April 8, 2007
  4. Undergraduate Conference Attendance: Tanya Dworjan (Philosophy or only English?), Jeremy Gilliam, and Elizabeth Leo, undergraduate philosophy conference, Goucher College, April 8, 2007
  5. Philosophy Forum paper presentations: May 1, 2007, Albright College

    Jeremy Gilliam "On Camus and Existentialism"
    Tania Dworjan "On Sartre and Existentialism"
    Kerianne Kuliga "Existentialism in The Fight Club"
    Elizabeth Leo "Re-reading Hume's Imagination after Post-Modernism"
    Anthony Ward "Foucault and Scott: Experience and the Subject"
    Chris Siers "On Deleuze, Multiplicity, and Life"

B Recent Theses by Philosophy concentrators/ co-concentrators

  1. David Wand (2005) senior thesis: "Punk Rock and The Philosophy of Singularity" (32 pages)
  2. Robert Carroll (2005) senior thesis: "The Ontological Argument for the Existence of God: Criticism from Kant and Hegel" (36 pages)
  3. Charles Henry senior seminar thesis (2005): "A Treatise on Knowledge and Power" (30 pages)
  4. Christopher Siers senior seminar thesis (2005): "Where to go from hereā€¦: 'The Death of Man,' Difference, and Unity" (28 pages)
  5. Joe Friend (co-concentrator) senior seminar thesis (2005): "The Ailing Civilization of Dreams" (35 pages)
  6. Brent Mittlestadt (2007) senior/honors thesis: "Life Views of Albright College Students" (76 pages)
  7. Christopher Siers senior thesis (currently, 2007 expected)