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At Albright, we consider student research to be a vital complement to the physics curriculum. There’s no better way to see physics in action than to work on your own research project. Albright physics faculty have diverse interests and are eager to work with you on any questions that stir your curiosity.

Through the Albright Creative and Research Experience (ACRE) program, students receive stipends and room and board to work with faculty on research projects of their choosing. Projects can be completed either during the summer (10 weeks) or the Interim (three weeks in January) terms.

Students may also receive grants for research at universities and laboratories beyond Albright; for example, through NSF-sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) grants. Albright physics students have been very successful in receiving both ACRE and REU grants, with over half of our graduates participating in at least one such project.

Recent projects include:

  • “A Weak-Coupling Expansion for a Settling Rod in a Viscoelastic Fluid”
  • “Application of Multi-Mode Analysis to a Modified Dollar Auction”
  • “General Relativistic Investigation of the Twin Paradox”
  • “The Effect of Error on Rational Cooperation in the Traveler’s Dilemma”
  • “A Quest for Potential Efficiencies in the Development of Hybrid Vehicles”
  • “Development of a Procedure for Analyzing Carbon Nanotubes”
  • “Laser Range Finding with Amplitude Modulated Beam and Phase Shift Measurement”
  • “Optical Tweezers: Grasping Matter with Light”
  • “Transmission Properties of Light through an Optical Fiber”
  • “Optical Symbol Recognition Using Holography”
  • “Applications of Computer Animation in Physics Education”
  • “Measurement of Superluminal Propagation of Light through a Tunneling Barrier”