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At the heart of physics lies the proposition that all phenomena can be described by what Nobel laureate Eugene Wigner called “the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics.” Without this effectiveness, we cannot comprehend the world around us or predict the outcomes of our actions. From calculus, linear algebra and statistics to complex analysis, game theory and differential geometry, mathematics is the language of physics.

At Albright we place a strong emphasis on mastering the language of mathematics. Every course is carefully designed to link mathematical technique to physical understanding. But you don’t have to be a mathematical genius; we will teach you to think like one. Of Albright physics students who take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), three-quarters score 780 or higher (out of 800). Our curriculum makes students smarter. There is no better way to train your brain.

At Albright we believe that physics has a unique and pre-eminent role to play in creating a better world, that engaged citizenship in the modern world is not possible without the habits of mind nurtured by physics, and that physics can interact productively with all fields of knowledge. Students at Albright have combined physics with fields as diverse as mathematics, chemistry, computer science, economics, biology, digital media, psychology and modern foreign languages. Not surprisingly, our physics graduates get jobs in traditional areas like research and education, but also in nontraditional areas such as business, finance and law. Physics creates a world of endless opportunity.