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The study of politics in a liberal education has roots in ancient Greece. As Aristotle wrote in his Politics, “Man is an animal whose nature it is to live in a polis [city].” In short, women and men are political animals. Governance processes have a central place in human societies, and politics is pervasive in any culture. Governance requires leadership with a commitment to foster mutual service, and politics needs leaders with fidelity to justice, equality and human rights—among the best of human values.

Therefore, the study of politics and governance necessarily draws upon the liberal arts and sciences. We draw from the methodologies of history and the natural sciences, involve the consideration of questions fundamental to philosophy, and cover themes contained in the world’s literature. Likewise, to learn the study of politics in government is to learn how to analyze community problems, develop resolutions, and communicate this knowledge to citizens. Our mission is developing such leadership in our students and providing them the means to develop these talents over a lifetime of service to others, whether it is in the classroom, at the bar, or in public, private or non-governmental agencies.