• Biology

   - Dr. Karen Campbell
   - Dr. Bryce J. Brylawski
   - Dr. Richard G. Heller
   - Dr. Gerald L. Kreider
   - Dr. Stephen G. Mech
   - Dr. David D. Osgood
   - Dr. Andrew I. Samuelsen
   - Emeritus Professor
   - Dr. Susan Munch

• Chemistry / Biochemistry

   - Dr. Pamela G. Artz ’87
   - Michele L. Cramer
   - Dr. Christopher R. Graves
   - Dr. Christian S. Hamann
   - Dr. Ian J. Rhile
   - Dr. Frieda Texter
   - Emeritus Professor
   - Dr. Phillip Dougherty

• Physics

  - Dr. Brian J. Buerke
  - Dr. Devon B. Mason

sciences at albright

Welcome to the Albright
Science Faculty Pages!

Since 1856, Albright College has had a long and distinguished history of graduating leaders in the sciences and medicine. Why? Because Albright College graduates learn from the best. From being engaged in collaborative research with students to helping with graduate school applications, Albright faculty are not only passionate about teaching, they care about and support their students as well.

If you need additional information, please contact Nancy Kerper, secretary for biology/chemistry & biochemistry/physics at 610-921-7720 or nkerper@alb.edu.

Albright is Celebrating the Sciences!