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The Sociology and Anthropology department has a number of resources that set it apart from others.  This starts with the physical setting of the department.  Across the hall from the faculty offices is a casual lounge with a television, comfortable chairs, and a kitchenette.  Students can meet with their professors for lunch in the space, complete their academic work, while literally having their professors at arms-reach for help, or just relax and watch TV.  The department also has a computer lab in this same hallway.  The lab has free printing and is available to students during most of each day and some evening hours, so that again, students can work on projects in immediate proximity to their professors.

When the lab is not open to general use, it is because it is the site where we teach students statistical analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), considered to be the standard for social science research throughout the world.  Students also have the opportunity to learn qualitative analytic software such as Nvivo or Deduce, and Geographic Information System (GIS) software for mapping and spatial analysis of social phenomenon.  To aid with research, students have access to an extensive collection of data sets on cities, counties and states as well as on all known primitive cultures and contemporary societies.  Some of these data sets are the same sets used by professionals across the country and others are exclusive to Albright, collected by current faculty and their past students.

Finally, our latest addition is a crime lab where students can analyze evidence from a mock crime scene using the same tools and techniques that any professional in law enforcement would use.