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Thinking about Graduate School?

The decision to go to graduate school is an important one. You will, undoubtedly, have many questions before you make that final decision to go through the application process. Whether you are just beginning your inquiry or are working on your statement of purpose, the resources below will help guide you along the way.

An articulation agreement between Albright College and the University of Delaware offers Albright graduates streamlined admission to select master’s programs in Delaware’s School of Public Policy and Administration. Under the terms of the agreement, qualifying Albright undergraduates receive conditional acceptance prior to completion of their baccalaureate degree.

Sociology Professors

As your number one resource to understanding graduate school, speaking with a faculty member in Sociology should be one of your first steps. The faculty in the department would be happy to talk to you about what graduate school is like, how to select a school that's best for you and how to apply.  Just email, telephone or stop by to let us know you're interested.  We strongly encourage you to visit one of us if you are curious about graduate school.

Career Services

The Experiential Learning and Career Development Center, located at 1817 Linden St. in the Geiser House, has a great deal of information on graduate school. They also have information on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) which is a requirement for many graduate programs. To get the most out of this resource, please call to schedule a visit in person.

Guide to Graduate Programs in Sociology

Published yearly by the American Sociological Association, this guide lists over 250 sociology graduate programs in the United States and other countries.  The Guide lists each schools' contact information, the names of faculty (along with their areas of expertise), special programs, the amount of financial assistance available, and the names and dissertation titles of recent Ph.D. graduates.  A copy is available in the student lounge on the second floor of Selwyn Hall.

Ph.D. Graduate School Rankings in Sociology

A list of the top 106 Ph.D. graduate programs in sociology can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel by clicking here.  A print copy is also located on the AKD bulletin board next to Dr. Brown's office (located in Selwyn 203).  The rankings are based on U.S. News and World Report and are, therefore, somewhat subjective.  The rankings should only be used as a rough guideline for choosing a school.  Please click here to view the listing directly on the website. Viewing the website will allow you to evaluate the quality of both the school and the ranking system.

Websites of Sociology Graduate Programs

The most comprehensive website for sociology graduate programs is Sociolog.  It lists hundreds of sociology programs across the nation.  Some navigation is required to find the type of program you need, so keep in mind that not all departments listed on Sociolog have graduate programs.

Taking the GRE

Most sociology graduate programs require applicants to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  The GRE is administered by the same company that does the SAT.  In fact, the GRE is very similar to the SAT.  It has four sections: verbal, quantitative, logic, and a written component.  You may click here to be taken to the official GRE Website.  You can also Download GRE POWERPREP.  GRE POWERPREP Software includes two computer-based GRE General Tests, sample analytical writing topics, scored sample essays and reader commentary, test-taking strategies, a math review, and test tutorials.  This software is sent to individuals who register for the computer-based GRE General Test or you may download it now.

Timeline to Prepare for Graduate School

Note:  Soc 101 (Intro to sociology), 211 (Statistics), 213 (Social Theory) & 210 (Research Methods) should be completed before the beginning of your senior year but you would be better off completing all four before the beginning of your junior year as these are the four foundational courses for our discipline!!!  Below is a suggested time line to get everything finished on time and prepare for graduate school:

During the Freshman or Sophomore Year

  • Take Soc 101 (Introduction to Sociology)
  • Take Soc 211 (Statistics)

During the Sophomore Year

For a membership form, you may visit the websites above. Forms may also be found in Selwyn Hall.

  • Get to know at least two faculty members in the department by stopping by his/her office once or twice a semester (Note: these visits only need to be about 15 minutes long… just tell the professor that you’re interested in getting to know him or her a little more because you’re thinking that you may want to use him/her as a reference in the future).

During the Sophmore or Junior Year

  • Take Soc 210 (Research Methods)
  • Take Soc 213 (Social Theory)

During the Fall Semester of Junior Year

  • Join Alpha Kappa Delta if eligible
  • Talk to a faculty member about doing an Independent Study for credit (in place of an internship) that can also qualify for an ACRE project and a Departmental Honors Thesis (NOTE: You don’t have to begin the study until later… you just need to talk to a faculty member about doing something in the future to figure out a topic and research project).

 During the Interim of Junior Year

  • Think about doing a ½ or a Full ACRE project with a faculty member and make between $500 and $1,000 for your effort.

During the Spring of Junior Year

  • Finalize what you will be doing for your Independent Study/ACRE project/Departmental Honors Thesis
  • Begin studying to take the GRE

During the Summer Before Senior Year

  • Complete an Independent Study with a faculty member (Soc 481) which can also be an: ACRE project which can then be turned into a: Departmental HonorsThesis  (NOTE: Summer 1/2 ACRE Grants are $1,250; Full ACRE Grants are for $2,500)
  • Continue studying to take the GRE

During the Fall of Senior Year

  • Sign up for Soc 481: Independent Study (even though the work has already been completed you sign up for the class Fall rather than Summer so that you don’t have to pay tuition during the summer)
  • Take the GRE between August and October
  • Complete graduate school applications and have them turned in by January 1st (After the Fall semester is over).

During the Spring of Senior Year

  • Present your completed Independent Study/ACRE project/Departmental Honors Thesis at a professional conference 
    (NOTE: You should obtain additional funding from the PC when you apply for your ACRE grant that should completely pay for you to do this).