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The IRB is an Albright College committee that oversees all research involving human subjects.

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Criminal Justice Abstracts

Provides comprehensive coverage of the major journals in criminology and related disciplines.  Criminal Justice Abstracts also provides extensive coverage of books and unparalleled access to reports from government and nongovernmental agencies. For each document there are informative summaries of the findings, methodology and conclusions.  Topics include: crime trends, prevention projects, corrections, juvenile delinquency, police, courts, offenders, victims, sentencing, etc.

Criminology Penology and Police Science Abstracts

An index of articles with abstracts from 1992-1997 covering the causes of crime and juvenile delinquency, the control and treatment of offenders, criminal procedure, the administration of justice, and police science.  Subject divisions are criminology and other disciplines, offenses: deviant behavior, victims, juvenile justice and delinquency, criminal law, crime policy, police, courts, and corrections, followed by both an author and a subject index.

Social Sciences Citation Index

Indexes articles and citations from over 1,700 international social science journals.  Fields covered include anthropology, archaeology, area studies, business, communication, criminology, demography, economics, education, environment, ergonomics, ethnic studies, family studies, geography, geriatrics and gerontology, health policy, history, industrial relations, information science and library science, international relations, law, language and linguistics, management, nursing, philosophy, planning and development, political science, psychiatry, psychology, public administration, public health, rehabilitation, social issues, social work, sociology, substance abuse, transportation, urban studies, and women's studies.  Also includes: bibliographies, fiction and prose, book reviews, items about individuals, corrections, and additions, poetry, discussions, review papers, editorials, reviews of computer hardware and software, letters, meeting abstracts, and notes.

Anthropological Literature

Indexes articles and essays in anthropology and archaeology published in English or other European languages.  Produced by Tozzer Library, Harvard University.


Online Newspapers

The Boston Globe

The Chicago Sun-Times

The Los Angeles Times

The New York Post

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

USA Today

The Washington Post

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If you cannot borrow a book, you always have the option of purchasing it through a bookstore. Some good places to purchase books follows.