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Many students have said of Albright, generally, that the College is welcoming and homelike. We like to think this is even more true of our department. Although considered large for a small liberal arts community, the department is close-knit and welcoming—very much a family environment, but with a wide diversity of faculty expertise and choices in course offerings. Students in the department enjoy a specific academic advisor, but all the faculty members within the department are eager to help as well, giving career advice, monitoring graduation requirements, assisting to solve a problem, and answering questions regarding school and life after school.

All this guidance can come in handy when deciding between the many options available at the school.  Students can get a degree in general sociology, but also have the option of choosing a major in the department like anthropology, criminology, or family studies.  Or, they can choose one of our interdisciplinary majors like crime and justice, child and family studies, environmental studies, or urban affairs.  Or, if that is not enough, students can combine their choice of major in our department with one from another department.  Students frequently choose co-majors so that they can create such combinations as criminology/biochemistry, or family studies/psychology, or environmental studies/political science.  Co-majors are a unique Albright feature that allow students to have more than one specialty, but without increasing the overall number of courses required for graduation.  All the choices might make your head spin, but they almost guarantee you can find what you want, and if you don't you can work with a committee of faculty members to design your own major!

The faculty work hard to create passions in students and the sky is the limit for ambitious students!

Faculty and students frequently partner in ACREs, independent research projects of the student's or faculty member's design, applied research in the city of Reading or across Berks county, and internships.  Alumni have taken jobs in a variety of areas including but not limited to local, state, and federal law enforcement, various government agencies, universities, and the non-profit sector. Please click here for a brief list of where our alumni are employed.