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Given that, in 2011, Newsweek magazine named Albright College as one of the country's "Top 25 Schools for Artistic Students," it's little wonder that the creative art of the theatre extends far beyond the main stage of the Domino Players Company. The various theatre projects, initiatives, and events listed below abound all year round on campus to delight, nurture, provoke, and engage our residential learning community.

Albright College Thespian Society
The Albright College Thespian Society (ACTS) is a student-run theatre group that has been operating on campus since the early 1990s.  Its mission is to provide theatrical opportunities for the Albright Community that foster a sense of ensemble and support budding theatre artists. ACTS accomplishes their mission via an ongoing series of pre-professional workshops and seminars in the areas of playwriting and acting (stage combat, dialects, transition into the profession, etc.) Under our auspices, ACTS also supports the various stages of the creative process involved in the creation of the following four events:

24-Hour Theatre Projects
Started in 2009 by a group of enterprising theatre majors who had just returned from an intense semester of pre-professional theatre study at the National Theatre Institute, ACTS provides creative support twice a year to teams of exhilarated young theatre artists who gather together to envision, develop, rehearse, and perform an evening of original theatre pieces that have all been created with the span of 24 hours.

Green and Growing
For over a decade, our young playwrights and directors have found a creative home through our joint venture with the Department of Theatre called Green and Growing (G&G).  At the end of each semester, two evenings in the Wachovia Theatre are set aside to make room for staged readings of original works by student playwrights, as well as ambitious productions of existing works by student directors.  These events have also serve, quite often, as the production aspects of numerous Senior Honors Thesis Projects that are offered by our most gifted matriculating students of the Theatre Department.  More specifics about some of these projects can be found by visiting our Student Artistry and Scholarship page on our website.

For over a decade, ACTS has championed the mission of V-Day, a global activist movement aimed at ending violence against women, by staging spectacular benefit performances of their signature theatre pieces by Eve Ensler: The Vagina Monologues; A Memory, Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer; and, Any One of Us:  Words from Prison.  The proceeds from these highly successful public events go directly to the non-profit charity. For more information about V-DAY, visit their website -- www.vday.org

Shadow Casts
For several years now, one of the highlights of the Albright theatre season has been ACTS 'shadow cast' simultaneous-performance productions to the classic cult movies Mean Girls and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Scores of students gather on weekends and evenings for several weeks to prepare for this riotously joyful event. 

ASTEP: Artists Striving To End Poverty
Personal empowerment and social change through arts education and outreach!  Albright College is proud to support one of the country's first chapters of ASTEP -- Artists Striving To End Poverty.  ASTEP is a non-profit organization whose international mission is to connect performing and visual artists from around the world with underserved youth to awaken their imaginations, foster critical thinking, and help them break the cycle of poverty in their local communities.  All Albright students -- regardless of academic major -- are welcome to join ASTEP.  If you are interested in more information, check out the ASTEP at Albright Facebook page.

Children's Theatre of Albright
Both the Domino Players Company (DPC) and The Albright College Thespian Society (ACTS) have an ongoing creative and philosophical interest in the idea of Theatre for Young Audiences.  The collective energy from these initiatives has recently crystallized into a group called The Children's Theater of Albright (CTA), whose aim is to produce quality, original works of theatre specially designed for youth audiences. If you are interested in more information, check out the Children's Theatre of Albright Facebook page.

Albright Arts Magazine
The Albright Arts Magazine (AM) -- better known as Albright AM: Waking Up the arts -- is a student run arts magazine, published twice a year, that covers all things art at and around Albright College.  For more information, check out their Facebook page or their website -- www.albrightam.wordpress.com.

Virtual Black Box
Students in theatre, digital studio art, digital video arts, digital communications, music business, arts administration, and fashion have joined forces to create an organization dedicated to support the creative process involved in the pre-production, production, and post-production aspects of developing original works specifically designed for new media platforms. Displaying their projects in the Wachovia Theatre's Lynn Morrow Memorial Lobby and on YouTube, the VBB also works to archive main stage productions of the Domino Players Company and to market arts events sponsored by the various arms of the Albright College Thespian Society.